Driving customer footfall in Cairo (Optism Case Study): Adidas Originals | Mobile Marketing Association
December 6, 2010

In line with the brand values of originality, Adidas was among the first brands to run campaigns on Mobilnil's new permission-based marketing program, "Mobinil Ads". Adidas wanted to drive footfall to new flagship Adidas Originals store in Cairo targeting early adopters.

Leveraging interactive Dialogue, early adopters of Mobinil Ads were invited to learn more about Adidas Originals. Those who replied instantly received a follow-up picture massage encouraging them to visit the new Cairo store and claim a limited edition Adidas Originals gift. Replying is always free.

The campaign was sent midday on a Wednesday to encourage recipients to visit the store over the weekend. Messages were sent only to members who explicitly shared that they have an interest in Fashion and Sports when registering for Mobinil Ads.


With a 35% response rate, it was clear that Adidas was connecting with a receptive, highly targeted audience delivering increased ROI.

The campaign was equally well received by men and women, as well as by Arabic and English speakers. Predictably, younger people were most responsive to the message.

  • 35% of recipients requested an invite to the new Adidas Originals Cairo store.
  • 15-24 year olds were on average 98% more responsive than over 30 year olds.
  • Females were 23% more responsive than their male counterparts.



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