Days Inn uses Location Based Services to increase bookings | Mobile Marketing Association
October 21, 2010
The Days Inn Challenge: Days Inn Business Alliance Hotels, part of the Wyndham Hotel Group, sought to increase room stay across their 60 plus hotels nationwide and continue with their innovative mobile marketing strategy Strategy: Ping Mobile developed the strategy for Days Inn and reached out to Multiplied Media to create a campaign that would demonstrate the high effectiveness of using search-based location targeted advertising via the mobile application Poynt. Any Poynt user searching for specific hotel, accommodation or related keywords was able to view a Days Inn advertisement for 15% off a 2 night stay. After the user click on the advertisement, they were taken to a banner ad that provided a click to call or click to web to make a reservation. Results: The click through rate for the campaign was ten times better than the industry standard! The campaign received over 5% click through rate and 13% click to call as well as 16% click to web. In 2 weeks, Days Inn was able to book 36 rooms across the country resulting in over $2,000 worth of revenue.