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Dairy Queen MMS Cool Coupons Campaign

November 8, 2012

After Dairy Queen’s successful results in their first SMS Coupon campaign with Tetherball, Dairy Queen decided they wanted to extend their “Keepin’ Warm” campaign to include a MMS campaign component in several Dairy Queen Franchises. They also wanted a better way track the data with their current Point of Sale (POS) systems.

The Challenge

1. Integrate a MMS solution to compliment Dairy Queen’s SMS Coupon campaign.

2. Track effectiveness of the mobile campaign by automating redemption data with their current POS system, in real time.


The Solution

Tetherball designed and sent full color, MMS coupon offers with 2D barcodes that had the capability to be scanned, validated, and recoded via Dairy Queen’s current POS system. The data was tracked via unique barcodes that were made availabile by running reports on each of the POS systems.

The Results


Dairy Queen successfully launched the campaign in 2 stores and saw redemption rates of over 24%. The implementation of the MMS campaign allowed Dairy Queen to reduce confusion for both checkout employees and consumers by mirroring current coupon redemption practices that are tracked in the POS system. The program also allowed Dairy Queen to understand their consumers’ behavior by studying the unique customer data tracked within the system.