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Coca-Cola ECHO B2B Loyalty Program (Electric Agency)

January 29, 2009

Brand: Coca-Cola

Agency: Electric Agency / Turkey

Duration: 2008


Coca-Cola puts great emphasis on B2B Loyalty campaigns with the awareness that the customer (the authorized sales point) loyalty and satisfaction is directly reflected on consumer satisfaction. Coca Cola preferred digital channels for loyalty campaigns also in 2007 for the speed, impact and easiness of digital communication.


The success of the first digital B2B loyalty campaign of Turkey in 2007 with Coca-Cola- Electric Agency cooperation had been reference to 2008. 2007 results showed that communication scenarios based on digital channels are not difficult and in fact easy to practice for customers.
In 2008 Loyalty campaign customers enrolled to the campaign by texting their customer and tax numbers to 3732 from all three operators or calling loyalty information line. Award points started to accrue with the enrollment and increased with the product sales. Customers won minutes from all three operators (Turkcell, Avea, Vodafone) with their points. Electric Agency B2B Digital Loyalty program called ECHO B2B Loyalty Management System was created with different types of awards along with minutes. Point inquiry by SMS, minute claim and number transfer transactions were made through digital channels. Telegami Call Center served as campaign support line for the enrollment and minute installation with the number 444 0 184, reachable all around Turkey.


ECHO’s speed, impact and easiness facilitated customer’s enrolment in the campaign, through the use of mobile phones and digital tools.