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Close Up and Capital Inicial (pontomobi interactive)

January 29, 2009

To attract the attention of young people to the Close-Up toothpastes, was developed a campaign using some means of interest for this target audience, including music and the Internet.

The aim was that through an interaction that began in the most popular engine of online chatting for young people, they could integrate the brand Close-Up with the costumers and also give then an opportunity to meet other people.

The campaign was disseminated at the MSN Messenger and brought a very clever and innovative interaction. By accessing the campaign’s page the user should type his gender and cell phone number.
Then, a video with Dinho Ouro-Preto was downloaded (singer in the band Capital Inicial) in it he says that he is going to give your cell phone number to a girl to call you.
In some minutes the user’s cell phone rings and it is Dinho saying that he found the right person and that you have one minute to talk to her. At this moment, the user will talk to a girl he doesn’t know.
A completed action lined with the brand’s positioning and very interesting.

At the first 2 days of campaign the goal of interactions for 15 days of action was reached. Each interaction represents 2 phone calls of one minute in conference. And surprisingly the number of entries in the share of women was double the number of men.