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June 19, 2008
Citroën – C4 Pallas )Mobext Brazil, Media Contacts)
SMS Campaign: Delivering Geo target information
In 2008, as part of the campaign “You haven’t seen so much technology, at least on the streets”, Media Contacts Sao Paulo and Mobext Sao Paulo created an interactive campaign for C4 Pallas to encourage Citroën prospects to participate in a test drive.
The idea was to generate leads and sign-ups to receive a nearby dealer locator contact by text message. After the Toyota Corolla was launched, the challenge was to keep up Citroën sales volume and market share. The media at Media Contacts felt it could use mobile as a new communication platform that could extend and enhance the existing media mix messaging capabilities, thereby creating greater intimacy with the consumer.
Mobext Sao Paulo, together with MC Sao Paulo, developed a campaign that combined banner registration and SMS broadcast. Prospects opted in into the program by filling its data )name, zip, mobile number) into the banner. Then the users received a text message containing a click-to-call number for booking test-drive.
The mobile action occurred from April 1st to 30th with the following formats and channels: Square and Super Banner at Quatro Rodas anchor site, Super Banner at Webmotors homepage and Big Banner at the homepage. In total there were more than 33 million impressions. The campaign was so successful that in 5 days 80% of the early campaign schedule of SMS sending was achieved. We managed to raise the investment and extend the campaign until the end of the month. The campaign captured many potential consumers interested in buying the car, and this information is already being applied by Citroën dealers. In addition to impacting potential buyers we were able to locate the regions where there is most interest on acquiring C4 Pallas.
The results of the campaign surpassed expectations. In 28 days, 20.000 registrations were completed. There were more than 200.000 clicks on the creative ads. The campaign is generating positive online buzz as an innovative mobile action in the Brazilian market and one with great creative. As a consequence of all that efforts we managed to raise significantly the test-drive bookings subscribed through click-to-call and C4 Pallas hot site.
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