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Ciba Vision (Electric Agency)

August 22, 2008
Ciba Vision )Electric Agency)
Brand: Ciba Vision
Agency: Electric Agency / Turkey
Duration: 20.05.2008 – 01.08.2008
·          A youth campaign to increase the sales of Ciba Vision products and to create a brand loyalty through practical and technological applications.
·          To form a technological infrastructure to direct the young sector to the brand sales points instead of traditional checks or coupons.
SOLUTION: The consumers who notified their name, surname and town via SMS immediately received a message on their mobile phone with details of the nearest Ciba Vision sales point address, followed by a mobile barcode. These mobile barcodes worked as digital coupons which could be read by a special barcode scanner at the points of purchase in each store, giving the participant the chance to instantly win Turkcell airtime credits.
Used Mobile Tools: Mobile barcode infrastructure, SMS.
RESULT: This has become the largest mobile barcode campaign ever, covering 68 sales points throughout the country. To match the young people’s habits in the digital age, the brand’s sales strategy was taken to the digital arena, through the use of mobile barcodes instead of standard ones. The campaign had two separate angles. Firstly, the dealers enjoyed this new style of campaign, as well as the increased sales. Secondly, the consumers were delighted to receive the instant reward of Turkcell airtime credits. The campaign proved a great success, with a ‘win-win’ strategy between brand, dealers and consumers.