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Celebra la belleza y música con Neutrogena

May 28, 2007

Celebra la belleza
y música con Neutrogena


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05/23/2006 to 07/16/2006

Call to action:

Send a SMS to 88688 with "Neutrogena" and win a trip for three to Miami to Premios Juventud Live Show ( Latino Teen Choice Awards)

Hispanic young adults-Female

According to the Magazine Publishers of America, manufacturers are already taking the hint by offering products targeted at young Hispanics. This study notes, for example, that "Neutrogena and Aveeno Active Naturals, owned by Johnson & Johnson, now offer some products to attract Hispanic consumers looking for skin-care products tailored to their needs."  Beyond that, wireless usage among US Hispanics over-index in every category when compared to Non-Hispanics.  Neutrogena wanted to extend their traditional marketing mix to include an interactive mobile element, while mixing two concepts with high relevance among the US Hispanics Young Women: Beauty and Music.

·          Neutrogena Corporation, a worldwide leader in premium skin, hair and cosmetic products, and a member of the Johnson & Johnson family of companies

·          Best known for its distinctive amber colored soaps, the company also includes a diversified line of dermatologist recommended facial cleansers, moisturizers and sunscreens in its family of products

·          Neutrogena is also considered to be among the most progressive of the Johnson & Johnson companies – always seeking to be at the forefront of innovative marketing campaigns.


·          To reinforce Neutrogena’s Hispanic Market position as the leading innovator in sales and marketing promotions

·          Build a strong emotional connection with Hispanic women-young adults by leveraging the success of the 3-way strategic partnership with Univision Movil and Target

·          Drive POS in Hispanic Target retail stores via relevant offers, products and Latin Music Tie in

·          Increase sales and market share of Neutrogena’s products during the promotional period

·          Encourage increased interaction with the Neutrogena’s brand and grow participation levels of previous campaigns

·          To promote its facial cleansers, moisturizers and sunscreens to its target demographic


At any time during promotional period users from any carrier could send a SMS to 88688 with "Neutrogena" to enter for a sweepstakes to win a trip for three to <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />Miami to Premios Juventud Live Show.

Media Execution

·          TV

·          Online:

o         Banners Total Impressions: 5. 737.425 impressions, 2.42% click rate.

o         Email Blast: 367.913 drop number, 9.22% open rate.

·          Wireless sweepstakes (cross-carrier): 26% opt-in

·          Print Ad

·          Store Display at Target retail stores


·          7,399 sweeps registrations (38% from Wireless)

·          26% of wireless participants opted-in to be notified of future Neutrogena promotions

·          Hispanic Store Sales – Up approx. 40% (limited doors – 233)



Why it was a successful campaign?

·          The creative approach was driven, in part, by understanding the demographic, objectives, and the brand's voice behind the campaign. At the end 26% of wireless participants opted-in to be notified of future Neutrogena promotions and the sales increased approx 40% in the Hispanics Stores.

·          Utilized all marketing tools available through Univision Communications ( TV, Online and Mobile) and reinforced the campaign through Neutrogena's traditional marketing tools: Print Ads and In-Store Displays.