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Carte d’Or (Electric Agency)

August 22, 2008
Carte d’Or )Electric Agency)
Brand: Carte d’Or / ‘Difference of the real moments’
Agency: Electric Agency / Turkey
Duration: 10.7.2008 – 31.08.2008
GOAL: The aim of Carte d’Or is to make people live their moments like the good taste of ice-cream. The web site of Carte d’Or which is has many different contents for the consumer offering delicious recipes, DVDs, books and films. It also has comments on places to visit, joyful games for children. To increase the traffic to the site, a new module was needed which is integrating both the mobile and web.
SOLUTION: The web site emphasizes on the good moments with Carte d’Or which is something different than the other moments. The slogan ‘Difference of the real moments’ could explain the content of the module. In the module, the consumers can take photos of their precious moments )that are real, and never gonna be lived again) with their mobile phones  and can MMS the photos to Turkcell 2636. Also, the consumers have a chance to upload photos from their computers to the site.
The photos sent by the consumers are voted on the web. The one with the highest has a chance to win a holiday for two. The other participants also have the chance to get small gifts.
Used Mobile Tool: MMS, SMS.
RESULT: The campaign still continues and the participant number has reached more than a thousand. The integration of mobile to web has increased the traffic and reached its target.