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Britannia Treat (Mobile2win)

August 22, 2008
Britannia Treat )Mobile2win)
Brand: Britannia is one of India’s largest brands and the country’s pre-eminent food brand. As a move to consolidate all the individual Cream Treat offerings under a single umbrella, Britannia launched Treat in 2002. Treat has a range of tasty delights for all kids with yummy creamy treasures within biscuit shells.
Client Requirement: To increase awareness and goodwill for Britannia Treat and thereby lead to increased sales and consumption. The end result – increased revenue for the brand.
Target Audience: Kids
Mobile2win Solution: Mobile2win conceptualized, designed and managed two interactive mobile campaigns aimed at creating a buzz about Britannia Treat.
Campaign 1
Details: Mobile2win created 4 special mobile games for Britannia Treat, which captured the essence of the product and had significant in-game branding for the same. This led to increase visibility for the brand and top of the mind awareness, while at the same time providing a fun and addictive experience. These games were linked to the Britannia Treat TVCs. 
Britannia Treat packs had unique codes printed on their back, which when sent in the form of an SMS to 58558 would enable the consumer to download these games, free wallpapers and even ringtones, all of which were linked to the brand.
Campaign Results: There were more than 8,000 responses.
Campaign 2
Details: This campaign was linked to the Britannia Treat film Hari Puttar, where the main character was their brand mascot Funtoon. Mobile2win designed a special interactive wireless SMS contest, where consumers had to answer fun questions based on this film and in return could win exciting prizes, like Britannia Treat games, wallpapers, ringtones and even a bumper prize –  iPods.
Campaign Results: This is an ongoing campaign.
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