Blockbuster Entertainment Case Study | MMA
June 24, 2010

Blockbusters Entertainment recently embarked on a mobile media marketing campaign. The objectives of the campaign were to interact with their customers and to increase the customers’ convenience in selecting and renting from Blockbusters. Yonder Media was engaged by Blockbusters and tasked with developing a mobi-site. This would give movie fanatics access to Blockbusters Entertainment’s newest DVD releases and details of their nearest outlet, all within the palm of their hand.

An additional element of the campaign was the requirement by Blockbusters to grow their database and to increase the depth of knowledge and the intelligence they have on their customers. The profile would, in turn, enable Blockbusters to focus and target marketing messages to a more receptive audience and to engage with their customers on a far more personal basis.

“Our aim was to make communication with our customers quick and easy, anytime, anywhere as well as expand the brand footprint to new markets,” said Mr Sheldon Davenport, Managing Director for Blockbusters Entertainment. “Mobile is constantly evolving and we will be adding new features throughout the year to enhance the user experience,” adds Davenport.

“As this is Blockbusters first foray into mobile media, we wanted to ensure that we made a success of it,” says Fiona Smit, Managing Director of Yonder Media. “I was certain that we have the skills, knowledge and expertise to execute effectively on this, as our approach is to use a company’s existing strategy and weave mobile into the mix.”

Blockbusters have referred to their mobi-site in all their advertising campaigns, and have most certainly leveraged the flexibility and portability of mobile into their overall marketing and communications campaigns. The mobi-site is reaping huge rewards and dividends for Blockbusters as they are able to target promotional campaigns and messages to defined and profiled customers.

“We can communicate with our customers on a personal basis and offer them promotions and even movie releases that we know will resonate with them,” said Sheldon Davenport of Blockbusters. “We find that this form of focused communication is having a great and powerful impact on our customers and that it is increasing our traction with them, and locking them into our brand.”