Armentel: “Treasure Hunt” SMS Contest (Velti) | MMA
March 21, 2007

Armentel: “Treasure Hunt” SMS Contest

Campaign : ArmenTel (Armenia Telecommunications Organization) – “Treasure Hunt” SMS contest

Velti (

The “Treasure Hunt” SMS contest was part of a series of contests conducted by ArmenTel in an effort to:<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

·          Enhance brand awareness

·          Differentiate from competition

·          Increase usage of its SMS+ services among current subscribers and attract new subscribers

·          Increase revenues

On behalf of ArmenTel, Velti designed and developed the “Treasure Hunt” SMS contest.  All ArmenTel subscribers were invited to participate in the contest by answering - through SMS - a series of questions which would lead them closer to the hidden “treasure”.  For each SMS participants sent, they were awarded with points; the more points each user collected the closer he/she got to win the prizes offered by the organizers.  Extra modules containing questions or games were available to all participants as an opportunity to collect extra points. 

During the 90 days of the contest, participants won a total of 8,000 prizes which were distributed every single day and ranged from gift certificates to mobile phones and ArmenTel prepaid products.  The two big prizes – a Nissan Jeep Pathfinder and a Ford Fiesta – were awarded through electronic draws which took place during 2 separate events organized by ArmenTel and which senior executives from both Vimpelcom Beeline (the new owner of ArmenTel) and Velti attended.

“Treasure Hunt” was the biggest and most innovative contest ever conducted for ArmenTel.   It proved particularly successful with a participation rate that exceeded 11% of ArmenTel’s customer base. The “Treasure Hunt” contest was the fifth-in-a-row SMS interactive contest completed by Velti on behalf of ArmenTel, marking the close cooperation between the two companies and the effectiveness of the mobile device as the new marketing channel.    

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