AdMob Case Study: Simply Dada | MMA
June 24, 2010

Dada Entertainment, a joint venture between Dada USA and Sony Music Entertainment, worked with their agency Simply and AdMob to promote Dada’s ringtone business and mobile community Upoc through mobile advertising.

Simply realized the importance of mobile advertising as a cost-effective means of acquiring new users on behalf of Dada, and as a long-time AdMob advertiser, Simply has found AdMob to be a highly productive solution. In addition to the primary goal of driving traffic, Simply focused on precisely targeting the most relevant traffic for Dada’s customer acquisition and ROI goals.

AdMob’s sophisticated targeting capabilities allowed Simply to focus text link ads on the exact traffic they wanted to reach for each of Dada’s mobile properties.

Carrier and Device Targeting
For ringtones, AdMob enabled Simply to target premium carriers and eliminate traffic from devices that don’t support thirdparty ringtones.

With their Upoc campaigns, this same targeting capability enabled Simply to focus their budget exclusively on qualified traffic by targeting only the specific group of carriers with whom Upoc has business agreements.

Targeting Site Bundles
Simply also optimized campaign performance by testing multiple ads targeting different AdMob channels (content based bundles of publisher sites) and ad text.

The combination of carrier and device targeting, in addition to AdMob’s high volume of quality traffic, has allowed Simply to continually reach their desired audiences and drive business to Dada’s mobile properties. Working with AdMob for the mobile advertising needs has resulted in higher revenue and better margins compared to other customer acquisition channels.

In addition to helping Simply target their desired traffic, Daniel Mori, Web Marketing Specialist, notes that AdMob’s easy to manage advertiser user interface enabled them to start advertising quickly and reduced the overall workload for campaign management, stating “we are very happy with AdMob and our campaigns have been productive since day one.”

“AdMob’s targeting capabilities, large audience and easy to use interface have been crucial to helping us meet our campaign objectives of cost-effective customer acquisition.”
– Daniel Mori, Web Marketing Specialist, Simply

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