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Ericsson Emodo

Ericsson Emodo

Emodo is the data activation and monetization arm of Ericsson, the global telecommunications company that powers 40% of the world’s mobile traffic.

We combine ten years of advanced data science and our unique access to mobile carrier data (the largest, most accurate mobile dataset) to help visionary brands and agencies gain an edge in today’s data economy.

The Emodo Carrier Intelligence Platform applies deep machine learning and processes more than a trillion data points each day to effectively solve some of the most difficult consumer engagement challenges. Whether it’s our data-first ad marketplace or our revealing custom insights, everything we do is 100% privacy-compliant and built on a tech and data infrastructure like no other.

As 5G transforms the dynamics of mobile communications, mobile carriers are gradually shifting to the center of the consumer experience. Emodo carrier intelligence can help marketers go there too.

Emodo, pioneers in mobile data science for ten years, became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ericsson in 2017. Our main office is located in San Francisco, California. We also have offices in New York, London, and Atlanta.