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Warren Levitan
President & CEO

Warren Levitan is President & CEO of Radialpoint, where he enjoys the privilege of leading a mission to help brand owners make Customer Success a reality in today’s digital environment.  From reimagining how brands and their consumers ‘talk’ in a mobile centric world, to reinventing how teams discover and share knowledge in the enterprise, to enabling customer support experiences that deliver shock and awe (the good kind!), Warren defines success by the number of customer smiles Radialpoint helps to deliver.  In reimagining how brands can deliver Customer Success, Warren has had the opportunity to work hand-in-hand with leading brands such as Virgin Media, Rogers Communications, Telus, Square Trade and Windstream Communications.  Warren serves on the Board of Directors of Bixi, North America’s original bike share program, and Camp B’nai Brith, a non-profit summer camp for children where success is also counted in smiles!  Warren is a native of Montreal, holds an MBA from INSEAD and a BA from McGill University.