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Vishal Sapra

Vishal Sapra
VP, Global Business Development

Vishal leads global business development efforts at MRY, a full-service digital agency and Mashable's "Digital Innovator of the Year". MRY handles digital responsibilities for brands such as Coca-Cola, Visa, Johnson & Johnson, AT&T, et al. Vishal works in a cross-functional role alongside analytics, media, strategy, and technology teams to help brands socialize all touch points – online and offline - and use digital capabilities to make consumers' lives easier. His responsibilities include helping drive development and deployment of global digital strategies, analytics infrastructure and planning, and socializing all media touch points to drive earned reach that produces measurable business results. 

Prior to MRY, Vishal was at Banc of America Securities Global Investment Banking Division, where he did money and numbers things.  With unique insights into marketing trends, operational issues that effect businesses, and understanding how to navigate organizational change of all sorts, Vishal helps bridge branding and business principles to make companies social at their core.