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Tran Bao Trang

Tran Bao Trang
Head of MMusic | Business Development Director & Strategic Initiatives of Metub

Trần Bảo Trang is Head of MMusic, a youth-focused ecosystem service and content platform, while also serving as Business Development Director & Strategic Initiatives at Metub, a leading creator economy platform. With over 15 years of industry experience, Trang's journey began as Partner Manager at Metub, evolving into influencer marketing and brand solutions, notably adapting to Vietnam's expanding YouTube market.  

Recognizing Gen Z's evolving creator landscape, Trang founded MMusic under Metub Group 3 years ago. MMusic champions music content creators and fosters connections among artists, platforms, brands, and audiences. Trang's leadership at MMusic has driven innovative approaches in the Vietnamese music scene, from unique music festivals to successful brand campaigns.  

Deeply dedicated to her role, Trang finds fulfillment in impactful industry contributions. Her valued relationships with consumers, creators, brands, and agencies enrich her insights into audience dynamics and industry trends. Guiding aspiring professionals toward success in the creator economy is her primary goal.