Tani Sulaeman | Mobile Marketing Association
Tani Sulaeman
Marketing Director - Snacking Food Division
PT Tiga Pilar Sejahtera Food, Tbk

Senior Marketing Professional with over 15-years of local and international experiences in 12 major Foods and Personal Care categories (biscuit, dairy, packaged mineral water, wafer, candy, chocolate, functional-health herbal drinks, dried noodle & vermicelli, extruded-snack, snack-noodle, instant vermicelli, and oral care with total of over 20 food segments and 3 oral care segments (tooth brush, tooth paste, and mouthwash) in Indonesia, Asia-Pacific, and USA.

9 career promotions in the first 10-years of marketing career from a Marketing Trainee of Danone Biscuits Indonesia in Jan 2001 to a Marketing Director of Danone Dairy Indonesia (exco member director level 6b) to Chief Marketing Officer of OT Group by Sep 2010 to Marketing Director TPS Food Snacking Division since July 2013.