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Steve Buors

Steve Buors
Reshift Media
CEO and Co-Founder

Steve Buors is a leading authority on digital marketing for multi-location businesses such as retailers, franchises and restaurants. He works with national and international brands to develop inventive strategies using existing and emerging technologies to find new customers, increase sales, and combine the best of national brand strength with local relevance.

Steve is CEO and Co-Founder of Reshift Media (, a Canadian-based digital marketing and software development organization with more than 200 clients in 20 countries worldwide. Reshift specializes in developing and implementing industry-leading social media, search and website/mobile strategies to enable multi-location, single-location and online-only brands to achieve exceptional business results.

As a senior executive, entrepreneur and thought leader in the digital marketing industry, Steve has spoken at a variety of events, hosted many webinars and actively contributes to a number of blogs.


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