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Sonali Krishna

Sonali Krishna
ET Now

Sonali Krishna is well-known as India's ace journalist and is the Editor & face of ET NOW's flagship feature show ‘Brand Equity’ alongside being Senior Editor for The Times Network. Since joining The Economic times' team in 2006, she has evolved into one of the most respected Business Editors/ TV anchors in the media business. In addition to her editorial and anchoring responsibilities, she is also actively involved in creation & curation of the network's IP offerings.

Her expertise in the industry has enabled her to consistently break high-impact stories. A stalwart at anchoring and engaging in live interviews with prominent personalities has gained her viewers' applaud for bringing a human side to stories apart from her business acumen and she has proven that she genuinely cares for entrepreneurship & business development, apart from being a watch dog for the industry at large. Sonali is also ET NOW’s key interviewers and conducts a lot of business interviews on the channel. Sonali's core strengths pivot around analysing and deciphering the biggest trends not just in the country, but globally too. Sonali was brought in from The Economic Times, India’s leading business daily as part
of the launch team of ET NOW, 13 years ago.