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Rajeev Subramanyam

Rajeev Subramanyam
Vice President, Partnership and Digital Acquisition
American Express OPEN

Rajeev joined American Express in 2001 and has held a number of roles with increasing responsibility across the company.

Most recently, Rajeev has been in OPEN Acquisition since August 2011 as Vice President of New Customer Acquisition, managing the Digital and Partner facing channels.  In his role, Rajeev  is advancing OPEN’s Digital Agenda to find innovative approaches for scaling acquisition through existing and new digital channels, and through innovative digital and cobrand partnerships. Under his leadership, Digital Channels have grown significantly driving the success of OPEN Acquisition. He has also brought many firsts to OPEN and the Blue Box- the introduction of a Data Management Platform-DMP) that helps us leverage digital data to “Know” online prospects, a “Responsive Web” site  for prospects that delivers a robust user experience regardless of mobile, tablet or computer device,  and  unique digital efforts with partners.

Prior to joining OPEN Acquisition, Rajeev was Vice President of Customer Marketing within OPEN Customer Marketing and Engagement (CME),  where he  led a varying set of marketing functions responsible for engaging customers across the customer lifecycle.  During his tenure, Rajeev and his team led several innovative efforts to deepen engagement of new and existing customers. He developed a B2B early engagement strategy for new customers, leading to record highs in average spend and customer satisfaction He also led the development of digital innovations, including a dynamic re-targeting platform that enables offers based on internal and third party browsing data. He also launched several marketing programs such as “Event Based Marketing” improving the relevancy of our marketing.  Prior to joining OPEN, he was Director of Strategy, Business Transformation, leading the strategy for Retention across the Blue Box.

Rajeev holds PhD and Bachelor’s degrees in Engineering.  In 2010, he was recognized with the President’s Leadership Award for his accomplishments. In 2012 he was recognized by the Pinnacle “Hall of Fame” Award.