Purwa Jain | MMA
Purwa Jain
Director, Agency and Programmatic business - SEA

Purwa Jain is the current Director for Agency and Brand Business - SEA, InMobi, an organisation that is rapidly changing how the world views advertising within mobile. In her 18+ years of experience, she has worked in diverse environments such as corporate with over 600 people to kicking off start-ups. She has been in the mobile marketing and advertising industry for 12+ years across varied functional areas, commencing with code development, managing products, handling ad operations to rolling out new markets.

Mobile advertising and programmatic buying fascinates her – her past experience covers the entire breadth of technology companies from demand to supply (publishers, SSPs, Exchanges, DSPs, Ad Networks, etc) and also all mobile creative formats (Banners, Rich Media, Video, etc). She has demonstrated a strong ability in building various products across mobile advertising, SMS marketing and email marketing, and has established her skill in improving operations, enhancing and integrating business growth and maximizing profits through the achievements in management, internal control and productivity improvements.