Piyush Kumar | MMA
Piyush Kumar
Chief Marketing Officer
Metropolis Healthcare Ltd

Piyush is a Strategic Marketing Leader with strong focus on Brand Equity growth and Consumer Engagement through traditional, digital and new age marketing tools like Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and more. Empowered with over 18 yrs of experience in developing and nurturing brands, Piyush has been instrumental in delivering Strategy, Engagement and Tactics for Global B2B & B2C brands like Metropolis Healthcare, Sodexo, HCL, Airtel, DelMonte and others.

He has worked with global advertising agencies like Grey and JWT for managing marketing campaigns for Cisco, Avaya, ITC, Ranbaxy, Hyundai, Pedigree and others. His focus is long term Brand building and creating a Marketing ecosystem for enhancing business growth. He is a strong believer in - Using digital tools for Brand connect and engagement, Growth Hacking for brands and Identifying new opportunities of growth based on Technology and the dynamic Consumer behavior.