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Phan Dang Tra My

Phan Dang Tra My
CEO - Admicro; Vice President - VCCorp

Ms. Tra My is known for and respected as a sharp thinker and quick decision-maker. With her innate leadership and 10-year-experience, Ms. Tra My has been assigned into key positions in VCCorp and promoted to Co-managing Director of Admicro in 2008.

Admicro has been her brain child since its establishment in 2008. Under her operation and well-planed strategies, Admicro has steadily grown in the first 2 years and 2010 marked its first accomplishment for being in Top 3 agencies in Vietnam online advertising market. Motivated by that, Ms. Tra My decided to expand Admicro’s business to not only big brands but also to “the long tail” – the SMEs market, and the company revenue rose significantly. From 2012 to present, Admicro is officially the leading online advertising agency in Vietnam with inspiring achievements in terms of vast ad network on both web platform and mobile platform, creative ad products and advanced technology.