Nguyen Viet Phuong | MMA
Nguyen Viet Phuong
Head of Omnichannel Product

Phuong Nguyen is Head of Omnichannel Product at Haravan, Vietnam's leading Omnichannel Commerce Platform helping over 50,000 businesses selling to their customers across channels. He is responsible for product strategy across different facets of retail management solution including Sales / Marketing, especially Website creator, Smart POS solution, Online Marketplace integration; Operation which he is specialized in Inventory management, Payment & Fulfillment Integration, Reports. Prior to Haravan, Phuong was Lead Product Manager at Seedcom, and has led multiple key digital initiatives at The Coffee House, Juno, HNOSS. Phuong also had experience in Zalo Messenger, where he joined the inception and then led the Group Chat team, one of the key verticals that helps Zalo achieve tremendous growth in active users. Coming from a social product background, Phuong is excited to see the shopping journey nowadays become more social and engaging, and that forces brands to be creative and consistently delightful across omnichannel touchpoints.