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Nguyen Huynh Nha Uyen

Nguyen Huynh Nha Uyen
Creative Director
Pencil Group

I really enjoy gardening as growing and nutrition, especially pens. During office hours, I carefully sharpen pencils as the Creative Director at Pencil Group. In the evenings, when I put the pencil down, I diligently cultivate my inner self, sharpening ideas with my members. For 8 years, I have tirelessly spoken on behalf of many brands, but my best ability is to make the job done and keep clients stay. My proudest ability is being able to befriend customers. As the main character in the  "50 First Dates" "advertising - creation version",  I wake up every morning with a memory loss, having to fall in love with advertising again from the beginning. I have over 10 years of experience in production and creativity. With a passion for creativity and a desire to explore different methods, I, along with my team, have gradually explored various creative corners. I have accompanied over 100 brands, both large and small, in diverse fields. Additionally, while enjoying the creative fun with my writers and graphic artist friends, I have worked on numerous personal projects to tell my own story. Currently, I am a Creative Director at Pencil Group.

Pencil Group is an integrated communication and technology company with focus on building brands and integrated communication. Some of its most noticeable rebranding and branding communication projects are VPBank Prime, VPBank NEO, BIDV Private Banking, VinFast, Huda, Trà Xanh Không Độ, Sunhouse, Kangaroo, and Vua Nệm