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Mathew Barnes
Chief Creative Officer
Ogilvy Johannesburg

Born in South Africa in 1976, on the same day as Mike Tyson. Neither public nor private schooling unearthed the scholar in me. Possible careers in the Air Force, Aeronautical Engineering and Photography were abandoned in favour of sailing the world and becoming a man, albeit a skinny one. A career in The Royal Navy lost to the Red and Yellow School of Advertising in Cape Town. I have done time on the front lines at Ogilvy when it was still and Mather, Red Nail (Leo Burnett not-so-hot-shop), Brand Activation 141, Network BBDO, TBWA Hunt Lascaris, TBWA Tequila Johannesburg, the Jupiter Drawing Room Johannesburg, Ogilvy Johannesburg, Publicis / Leo Burnett, FCB – with retrenchment, entrepreneurship and freelance in-between. Time in the trenches has been spent conceptualising, strategising, leading, integrating, presenting, selling and unselling every form of advertising imaginable for brands big and small, listed and bankrupt, inspirational and abominable. When not at work I think of work and all the things I have forgotten to do. I am obsessed with great writing, film and consume large amounts of non-fiction in both formats. I dream of the Nobel Prize and sailing in warm waters. I regularly injure myself working on old Porsches.