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Mai Thuc Quyen
Managing Director
Golden Digital

The industry has chosen Quyen since she was still in university 12 years ago. She started as a copywriter working for Vietnam’s most reputable clients such as Unilever, Mead Johnson, Kimberly Clark. Just a year after that, we was promoted to become Creative Director at another agency, winning over new clients for them such as SamSung and BAT for the next 3 years. She has been experienced with both client and agency side, from advertising to PR, event and finally digital throughout her career. With a diversified solid experience working across all functions in a creative agency from creative to strategic planning and account management, she has rebuilt Golden Digital through the toughest time of no staff and no active client to the Golden Digital today. Her team of nearly 30 members are now the retainer agency for 3 years in a row for renown global clients. The agency’s focus on its unique culture and talents to serve in digital marketing, digital CRM, digital lead IMC, influencer marketing, video marketing, data & tech orchestration. Golden Digital has marked its 3rd year of coming back with outstanding campaigns for Castrol Hành Trình Như Ý – Vietnam’s Tết 2018 highest liking & relevancy (Millward Brown research), Sen Đỏ -Asia Pacific YouTube Ads Leaderboard Mar 2019, Strongbow – Bài Này Chill Phết – YouTube’s number 1 trending in 2 weeks, ranking 2nd on BSI May 2019. The agency is also recognized as the strategic partner for marketing & communication for brands with its own way of data analysis to create an OTO approach base on consumer’s path to purchase.