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Tunglee - Director of SUNHOUSE Group Marketing - Strategic advisor for the start-ups in Lifestyle, Pharmaceuticals and Edutech As the Marketing Director of SUNHOUSE Group Marketing since 2015, Tunglee has played an important role in the growth of> 30% per year of the leading household brand in Vietnam. He helped SUNHOUSE to be repositioned successfully, becoming the brand that tops the market share of household appliance industry in Vietnam. More importantly, Tunglee participates in developing many strategic plans to help his company develop new industries and generates SUNHOUSE’s sustainable development in the future. Tunglee is also known as a Strategic Advisor for startups with good growth potential such as: - Lamita Dance Platform - The leading dance training platform in Vietnam, priced at nearly $ 2 million and invested in development assistance by Shark-tank. - Biorganic Healthy - The first live 4.0 probiotic technology in Vietnam. - Kiddi Code - Technology institute for young people.