Kieu Thien Van | MMA Global
Kieu Thien Van
Brand Communication Manager

Creative Planning Manager, Redder Advertising

Brand Communication Manager, Biti's

Creative Lead project Con Rong Chau Tien


Career path follows the heritage brands & campaigns with good social purposes, especially brand with purposes for culture & women. Together with brand teams to strategize & bring the award-winning ideas to life, including Biti's Kids, Biti's Hunter, HUDA, Minh Long, Highlands Coffee...


Contribute to the great come back of Biti's Kids since 2017 with 2 remarkable projects Con Rong Chau Tien & Biti's Smart. Achieve APAC PR Asia Award, Tangrams Effectiveness APAC, Youtube Ad Leaderboard APAC, Youtube Ad Leaderboard Vietnam, The Smarties MMA Mobile Marketing Awards Vietnam & APAC.