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Kieu Thien Van

Kieu Thien Van
Brand Communication Manager

Creative Planning Manager, Redder Advertising

Brand Communication Manager, Biti's

Creative Lead project Con Rong Chau Tien


Career path follows the heritage brands & campaigns with good social purposes, especially brand with purposes for culture & women. Together with brand teams to strategize & bring the award-winning ideas to life, including Biti's Kids, Biti's Hunter, HUDA, Minh Long, Highlands Coffee...


Contribute to the great come back of Biti's Kids since 2017 with 2 remarkable projects Con Rong Chau Tien & Biti's Smart. Achieve APAC PR Asia Award, Tangrams Effectiveness APAC, Youtube Ad Leaderboard APAC, Youtube Ad Leaderboard Vietnam, The Smarties MMA Mobile Marketing Awards Vietnam & APAC.