Juan Camilo Vargas | MMA
Juan Camilo Vargas
Client Solutions Director Colombia

Juan started his career in market research back in 2007, gathering experience from Pharmaceutical, B2B and FMCGs as well as Retail & Tech, finding behavioral patterns from customers and providers that now puts on favor of making knowledge quick & easy, favoring business growth trough actions (Growth from Knowledge is what GfK stands for). He has led 60+ international ad-hoc intensive research projects on America and Europe, and now integrates consumer knowledge with panel market data, to articulate business decisions on not only what we say we do, but what we actually do as consumers.

His regional research projects a have provided him awareness of the local realities and differences of the population among several countries, ranging from deep qualitative work to large scale quantitative assessments, leveraging insights for modern and traditional retail trade as well as Quick Service Restaurants Industry, combining Brand Tracking, Retail development (PITA), and Shopper Understanding insights for several customers across Latin America. Also has led and performed large multi country segmentation + Volumetric assessments, providing activation insights on shoppers and occasions segments, tied to their market value. Juan is passionate for business, analytics and sharing knowledge, so you are very likely to find him directly involved in your business briefing, your data analysis and visualization process, or leading your action plan ignition workshop.

Juan has a degree in Business Management, focused in Market Research, from the National University of Colombia