Jawahar Kanjilal | MMA
Jawahar Kanjilal
Cofounder & CEO
TeamStreamz Pte Ltd.

A mobile services pioneer, Jawahar has many firsts to his credit starting from the first ever digital music deal globally (’98) to the world’s first and largest ‘Next Billion’ services platform Nokia Life Tools (’09-’13) that scaled to 125 million users.

Continuing his journey to unlock the full potential of mobile technologies creating transformational digital experiences, Jawahar founded TeamStreamz a cloud based sales tech platform for enterprises enabling their channel partners to deliver great customer experiences right down to the last mile. He believes AI will in the very near future touch everyone’s daily lives, including those who are at the bottom of the connectivity pyramid today.

Until Oct’13, Jawahar was Nokia’s Global Head of Emerging Market Services and Vice-President of Nokia Life Tools services. He founded the Emerging Market Services division within Nokia. Before taking up the challenge of connecting the next Billion mobile users with Nokia Life Tools in 2008, Jawahar ran Nokia’s Multimedia Experiences business unit in Asia Pacific.

Since the early days of mobile services (‘97), Jawahar has been actively involved in stimulating and steering the mobile services ecosystem with mobile operators, regulators, NGOs, Development Agencies, ISPs, broadcasters, music labels, games publishers, mobile marketers and the content community. Jawahar has been active on several industry bodies covering entertainment, broadcasting and mobile marketing. He was one of the founding Board Members of MMA’s APAC Chapter. He also has several service innovations and a few patents to his credit.