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James Bradford

James Bradford
Managing Director
myWorld Philippines Inc.

James Bradford is the Managing Director for myWorld Philippines Inc., the global brand that supports and develops the Cashback World Partner Program, a stand-alone Loyalty-Tech. platform available in 50 Countries around the world.

The mission of myWorld in the Philippines has always been to align itself with the developing online shopping eco-system as well as the needs of a growing digitally savvy consumer base. myWorld, through the CashBack World Partner Program, has established several macro-initiatives in various parts of the Philippines. As a result, and despite COVID-19 the Cashback World Partner Program is seeing significant growth across all main shopping segments.

Having lived in Japan and now in the Philippines, James’ career has been split between both corporate and entrepreneurial settings. Well versed on building business, creating strong teams and nurturing positive stakeholder relations, his current work has been the proving ground of his diverse experience and skill set.