Jack Nguyen | MMA
Jack Nguyen
Regional Director - Vietnam, Thailand, Taiwan

Jack Nguyen is undertaking the executive role as Regional Director of Insider in Vietnam, Thailand, and Taiwan. 
Jack is a visionary leader. He has a strong passion for adoption Martech in Vietnam and South Asia when Martech is still a new concept. Since his joining Insider as the Country Manager, with strong expertise and a vision for strategic success, he successfully grows Insider in 3 countries: Vietnam, Thailand, and Taiwan. While leading at Insider, he overlooked business operations with over 600 global companies as UNIQLO, Nissan, Samsung, Singapore Airlines, as well as over 70 leading company in Vietnam like Vietnam Airlines, Bamboo Airways, ViettelPay, Viettel Telecom, Watsons, Decathlon, VinID, Viettel Store,...
In addition, With the Senior Consultant position in 3 years at SPARKLINE, he advised a lot of leading e-commerce as Google, Sephora, Reebonz, Air Asia, Air New Zealand.. across regions on improving conversion rate, revenue, customer acquisition strategy, and marketing spend optimization through actionable insights & recommendations.