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Hasnain Babrawala

Hasnain Babrawala
APAC Director, Brand Media and Procurement

Hasnain Babrawala (aka HB) is currently the APAC Director for Brand Media and Procurement for foodpanda, a company owned by Delivery Hero SE. His experience stretches from brand marketing, media planning, digital marketing, investment management, and procurement. In his 15 years career, he has donned the role of a trusted advisor and brand media strategist in the Asian region. In his current role, he plays a consultative role across 12 markets where foodpanda is operational.

In the past he worked with key decision-makers across the spectrum ranging from brand marketers, media practitioners, media investment strategists, and more to create robustly long serving frameworks to achieve business objectives. HB has a strong commercial acumen coupled with focused team building skills has helped him to create successful functions and companies in his career.