Gautham Gauruv Maediratta | MMA
Gautham Gauruv Maediratta
Mindshare FAST

An early mover in the digital & programmatic spaces, Gautham has spent 17 years in Digital Media and about a decade helping brands create value from ad-exchanges and the open ad-tech ecosystem. Gautham joined Mindshare in 2015 to setup the Programmatic services practice for APAC, and was promoted to APAC COO of FAST, Mindshare’s specialist division for all things Programmatic & Data earlier this year.

Prior to Mindshare, Gautham setup Accuen (Omnicom Media Group’s programmatic trading desk) in India. Earlier in his career, Gautham helped launch Attano, a startup that was India's first Interactive Educational eBook store and had strategic roles at Microsoft India (setup and launched the Microsoft Media Network) and Yahoo! India where he handled Sales Strategy.

Contrary to his love for high-end ad-tech, Gautham generally has a preference for most things old-school and is an avid golfer.