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Ronald Roldan Fernandez

Ronald Roldan Fernandez
General Manager - FMCG Division and Group Marketing Director
Pizza 4P's

With over 20 years of commercial experience in the FMCG sector across Asia, Ron brings a wealth of expertise that he believes can help support 4P's goals. Whether leading regional teams or developing country-level strategies, he has strived to gain deep cultural understanding of both consumers and markets.

At heart, Ron is a passionate student of human behavior who values insight-driven solutions. In his new role, he hopes to apply this approach to help 4P's continuously adapt offerings that meet changing needs. Equally importantly, Ron understands the importance of business transparency and empowering collaborative partnerships.

While the road ahead may bring exciting challenges, Ron sees his role as a facilitator for 4P's broader talent. His focus is on creating an environment where the team can innovate confidently and learn from both successes and failures.

On a personal level, Ron believes challenging norms and embracing new perspectives are keys to long-term growth. But above all, he strives for an approach defined by empathy, cultural respect and sustainable positives for all stakeholders.

The coming period promises excitement as 4P's enters a new stage. Ron feels privileged to play a small supportive role, and hopes open discussion can deliver shared understanding and progress.