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Farid Ganio Tjokrosoeseno

Farid Ganio Tjokrosoeseno
Chief Executive Officer
AMP Group

Farid Ganio Tjokrosoeseno is the Chief Executive Officer of AMP Group – Jakarta, Indonesia.

Together with co-founders and business partners Sujono, Albert Wibisono and Nur Khotim Ridwan, Farid has continuously been building AMP Group – having under its wing eleven advertising, media and digital agencies, with a steady growth into its ninth year and is determined to keep it on for the long run.

Apart from running and managing business as usual, Farid is also keen in helping the development and betterment of human resource quality in the industry, among others by being a member of judging panels in high profile advertising festivals such as Citra Pariwara, Spikes Asia and MMA SMARTIES Awards.