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Duong Thanh Tam

Duong Thanh Tam
Vice Director of Industry & Commercial Board
T&T Group

Introducing Dương Thanh Tâm, a seasoned business leader boasting over 22 years of extensive experience across diverse sectors:

  • With a commendable tenure of 12 years in IT distribution, Tâm co-founded and presided over Onnet, a prominent Marketing Agency, in the capacity of CEO.
  • Demonstrating versatility, she expanded her entrepreneurial endeavors into the retail realm, serving as the Founder & CEO of Miniso Vietnam and Vinmart, and assuming the role of Vice Director in Business Development at Vincommerce.
  • In addition to her executive roles, Tâm is renowned for providing strategic counsel to esteemed brands such as Menard, Tokyolife, Canifa, and Genstory, thereby significantly contributing to their growth and prosperity.

Expertise & Strengths: Tâm's proficiency encompasses business management, strategic innovation, and a profound comprehension of commercial and marketing landscapes, rendering her a highly esteemed figure within the industry.