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Doug Magnolia

Doug Magnolia
Managing Director
BNY Mellon

Doug is Captain and Chief Cheerleader of the Sumday team. He offers the guidance and direction while keeping enthusiasm and passion front and center. After 24 years of challenging the status quo in banking and capital markets, he’s pretty good at what he does. As Head of Strategy Growth Initiatives at BNY Mellon, he looks for new ideas and products that he can help see the light of – like he’s doing with Sumday. Doug constantly questions how things work in his quest to create new, better ways of doing things like saving and investing. He’s worked with many startup companies, some wildly successful and others that served as learning experiences for how to approach the next business adventure.

Doug likes working with people who ask “Why not?” rather than follow protocol or cookie-cutter processes. At Sumday he leads a flock of “black sheep” who work towards making something useful and positive. You probably won’t find him with a paintbrush in hand, but he loves the arts and enjoys getting his hands dirty in the creative process and design of Sumday.

Being the ambitious guy that he is, Doug has more than one Sumday. The first one is to see Sumday change the way people think about investing: enabling them to fulfill their futures. Then, in his spare time, he might strive to become a Formula One driver. He’ll be going too fast to see us, but we’re holding the checkered flag and cheering him on.