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Dippak Khurana

Dippak Khurana
Co-founder & CEO

Envisioning digital opportunities and business models has been Dippak’s focus area since 2001. A leader with an interesting balance of being an intrapreneur and entrepreneur for over 20+ years gives him an edge in the ever-evolving mobile and internet sector.

An avid knowledge seeker, Dippak today at Vserv is a proud pioneer of India's leading Authentic Audience Marketplace and Adtech solutions that are empowering over 100+ brands from 30+ industry verticals. Dippak is constantly nurturing business and product leaders at Vserv who are equally dedicated to the vision of data-driven solutions and making people-based marketing sharper.

Apart from being the front-runner at Vserv, Dippak also wears the hat of an angel investor and loves spending time mentoring start-up founders.