Dian Gemiano | MMA
Dian Gemiano
Indonesian Digital Association

A marketing strategy enthusiast with more than 17 years’ experience in advertising, branding and marketing (both conventional & digital). 

Gemi appointed as Chairman of Indonesian Digital Association (IDA) since August 2020. His main role in IDA is to orchestrate digital advertising’s stakeholders in Indonesia for productive collaboration toward sustainable industry growth for local players.

His daily job as CMO of KG Media includes; traditional marketing tasks, handling new product development and overseeing product incubation unit. This scope give him a better view between understanding customers, experimenting new business models & developing new product for KG Media’s future growth.

Prior joining KG Media, Gemi was Head of Digital Marketing in FWD Indonesia and before that he was Director of Strategy & Innovation at MEC Indonesia (Wavemaker).

Gemi is a collaborator who loves diversity in an organization which able to bring many different POVs and ideas.
He is a creative driven problem solver who believes that growth will sustain only if you always try something new while respecting the process.