Deepak Oram | MMA Global
Deepak Oram
Head - Martech & Automation

Deepak started his journey in digital in the early days of the internet in the late 90s as a teenager. He honed his skills as an entrepreneur managing and marketing his own digital businesses, from selling internet server infra to online graphic design. Early inclinations towards coding and developing digital businesses led Deepak to explore digital marketing as a career and he spent time in ICICI Bank in digital acquisitions, after which he built the complete marketing and straight-through processing stack for IDFC First Bank. In his current role at HDFC Bank - Deepak dedicates his time to imagining new innovations for a large data-driven marketing team. He owns the charter of bringing to life - insight-led, omnichannel customer experiences by re- engineering HDFC Bank's marketing stack hidden behind and tightly integrated to its digital platforms. Deepak enjoys psychology, anthropology and technology; a subject matter which he draws upon to inspire his technology and customer experience decision- making.