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Connie Ansaldi

Connie Ansaldi
CEO and Founder
Carnaval Art

Connie is currently the CEO and Founder of Carnaval Art, the first platform for NFTs on the Bitcoin blockchain. Her love for art and her career in the world of startups, led her to lead this project together with a team of renowned and talented co-founders such as Diego Gutiérrez Zaldivar, Adrián Garelik and Gus Balbontin. She also continues her work as a Global Ambassador for Neu 21 Australia’s Number 1 Australian Innovation and Agile agency.

Connie has led the Personal Branding Conference at the prestigious Florida International University.

She leads the AMD Innovation table and heads two of her projects: one of Crypto art based on Bitcoin and Smart Contracts and a platform that connects adolescents with tailor-made jobs. She also continues with her other passion: inspiring crowds and helping others achieve their goals.

It is not easy to define or explain who Connie is. She denies labels. Therefore, we invite you to get to know her and discover the magic yourself!