Colonel (R) Thomas Guthrie | MMA
Colonel (R) Thomas Guthrie
Assistant Professor
Army School for Command Preparation

COL(R) Tom Guthrie served over 28 years in the Infantry. He commanded, Ranger, Light Infantry companies, a Battalion and a Brigade including combat operations to Panama and Haiti. He was the Chief of Staff of the 25th Infantry Division when it deployed to Northern Iraq in support of OPERATION IRAQI FREEDOM and was the Chief of Current Plans for the Joint Command in Afghanistan: OPERATION ENDURING FREEDOM. In his final assignment, Tom served as Director, Center for Army Leadership responsible for; delivering Army Leadership Doctrine in 2012; designed the Army’s Leader Development Model and co-authored the Army Leader Development Strategy 2013. He has been a facilitator since 2014 helping prepare senior Army leaders for the Brigade Command positions. Tom is the author of “Leaders Create the Environment” and “Life Lessons and Leadership Tips”. He has been married to Kim for 30 years and has a daughter (22) and son (25) who serves in the 2nd Ranger Battalion in Tacoma, WA. They reside in Kansas City, KS.