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Brien Jones-Lantzy

Brien Jones-Lantzy
Head of Carrier Relations for North America

Mr. Brien Jones-Lantzy is the Head of Carrier Relations for North America at Infobip.
Before joining Infobip in 2019, Mr. Brien Jones-Lantzy worked at as Technical Lead during the implementation of their mobile messaging platform and later as the Evangelist for their Mobile Studio Solutions.

He is a thought leader with over twenty years of experience in the operational and executive management of telecommunications technologies and services, with practical experience in network planning, network operations management and telecommunications policy development. Mr. Jones-Lantzy has functioned as a Consulting Telecommunications Specialist with industry organization such as GSMA, MMA, ITW, CANTO, FCC Vendor Group and CTIA. He has conducted consultancies for several of the members of US Congress as they develop legislation around the emerging technologies such as RCS, MMS, SMS and TCPA.

Of his three Master’s Degrees Mr. Jones-Lantzy holds a Master’s of Wireless Telecommunications from Edinboro University, in Pennsylvania and is presently pursuing his Doctoral degree from John’s Hopkins University. He is a fellow of the Telecommunications Engineering and Management Institute of Canada (TEMIC) and a guest lecturer at the University of Maryland - Department of Economics.