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Brian Luo

Brian Luo
Public Relations Director
BYD Company Limited

Brian is the PR Director of Public Affairs Dept. and Global Media and Branding Dept. in BYD Company Limited, a Warren Buffet-backed new energy company based in Shenzhen, China. Brian is responsible for overseeing the media relations and government relations maintenance, and branding-related campaigns.

A seasoned PR and GR expert, Brian successfully led his team to build good relations with mainstream media and government organizations, generating positive coverage about the company, and helping to dramatically improve the brand image internationally.

Before being appointed the PR Director, Brian worked as the Director of Overseas Public and Government Affairs, taking charge of branding, overseas business development, new energy products promotion, and relationship maintenance with investors, government, key customers, and mainstream media. He had worked for BYD Motors, BYD Company’s branch in the U.S., acting as the marketing manager, responsible for the North American market, business promotion and branding.

Brian earned his bachelor's degree in Science and Technology Japanese from Xi Hua University in Sichuan Province, China.

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