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Andy Hasselwander

Andy Hasselwander
Vice President, Products and Professional Services
Latinum Network

Andy Hasselwander has led the Products and Professional Services (“PPS”) group at Latinum since 2010. In this role, Hasselwander is responsible for delivering strategy, insight, analytics, and new products for Latinum’s nearly 100 corporate members, including Univision, Kraft Foods, DirecTV, Nestlé, and many others.

In his tenure, he has overseen several notable achievements. In 2012, Latinum Network launched VozLatinum, a one-of-a-kind shared cost bilingual community, offering members the ability to do affordable, fast qualitative and quantitative research with U.S. Hispanic consumers. Since its launch, the team has fulfilled over 150 custom and 100 syndicated engagements leveraging the community, while maintaining rigorous standards of community health and research discipline. At the same time, he has added a diverse set of analytical capabilities to Latinum, culminating in a member-accessible data warehouse of all of the company’s consumer insights, market, and behavioral data on multicultural consumers.