Alan Couldrey | MMA
Alan Couldrey
Chairman, Ogilvy Vietnam Former Chief Talent Officer
Ogilvy Asia

Alan has had a long and varied career with Ogilvy, starting as a copywriter in Hong Kong and moving to Indonesia (12 years), Vietnam (three years) and Thailand (five years) in creative and management roles.

In 2013, he returned to Hong Kong to run the WPP company Brand Union (now Superunion) – working on corporate branding and consumer design for clients across the region, with focus on China and India.

He then moved again to Vietnam in 2016 where the key project has been integration of a full range of communications services – advertising, public relations and modern marketing technology.

Alan is an accomplished public speaker and trainer, especially in the area of creative thinking and idea development. He acts and sings, but doesn't dance under normal circumstances.

Alan has a bachelor’s degree (Southampton) in education. And a master’s degree (Edinburgh) in theatre. He lives in Ho Chi Minh City and makes regular visits to Northeast Thailand where he also has a home.