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Aimee Johnson

Aimee Johnson
Former Chief Marketing Officer

As Chief Marketing Officer of Zillow Group, Aimee led the company’s marketing organization, including customer and partner experience development, brand strategy and marketing, insights, and product marketing. Aimee joined Zillow Group in 2018 to spearhead customer advocacy and integration as the company embarked on a new era of building a seamless real estate experience with the customer at the center of the entire journey.

Prior to Zillow Group, Aimee served as senior vice president of marketing programs, customer analytics and digital innovation at Starbucks - which included growing Starbucks Rewards, launching Mobile Order and Pay and developing their Personalization engine. In previous Starbucks roles, she ran the beverage and coffee product divisions and corporate social responsibility marketing. For 10 years prior to her work at Starbucks, she ran several businesses at Campbell Soup Company. Before that, Aimee was a computer programmer at Sallie Mae.

Currently, Aimee serves as a strategic advisor for an EdTech AI startup, ATypicalAI, and for the VC Anthos Capital.